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Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, established in the year 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, is the second oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States and the oldest international legal organization in continuous existence in North America. The Fraternity was established only six month after the Columbus, Ohio Bar Association and nine years before the American Bar Association. It holds a unique position in the history of the North American bench, bar and the law schools. During the past two decades, Phi Delta Phi's reputation as an organization devoted to legal excellence has begun to spread into Mexico and Europe.
Phi Delta Phi has one hundred and twenty-seven active chapters -- called Inns -- in the Western Hemisphere and the number increases yearly. Phi Delta Phi has initiated in excess of 191,000 members making it the largest legal fraternity in existence.


The total initiated membership of Phi Delta Phi exceeds 191,000 persons. More judges, American presidents, governors, senators, representatives, cabinet members, ambassadors, American Bar Association presidents, Association of American Law School presidents and law school Deans have come from the ranks of Phi Delta Phi than from any other legal fraternity.

American presidents, Supreme Court justices and prominent members of the bar and bench who have been initiated into Phi Delta Phi include:
Howard H. Baker, Jr. *James A. Baker, III *Birch E. Bayh *Hugo Black *Robert H. Bork *William J. Brennan* Ellen Burns *Benjamin N. Cardozo *Pamela Carter Archibald Cox *Gerald R. Ford *Joyce Hens Green *Charles Evans Hughes* Daniel K. Inouye

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Phi Delta Phi
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